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Chalkboard Catering is a professional Canteen Service provider catering to over 12000 students daily and have 14 sites across Melbourne and regional Victoria, including sites at Frankston South and Mt Eliza.

Chalkboard Catering develops its menu choices in consultation with the college and seeks feedback from the college community at large. The menu is based on a balance of healthier choice options and some core traditional menu items offering students and the college community a balanced menu representing value for money in the market place.

Chalkboard Catering recommends pre-order options ensuring students have access to healthy eating choices, ensuring they receive what they want to eat on the day, not what we think they would like to eat. Pre-orders need to be placed at the canteen by 9am. Pre-order forms will be available from the canteen. Collection will be from the canteen at the designated pre-order collection point. Menu information and pre-Order forms will be available on the College website for download.

Chalkboard Catering is aware that there are students that require special dietary considerations such as gluten free and food allergies. We are happy to provide menu items for students with dietary needs and would ask that pre-orders are placed for lunch ensuring the student receives the correct foods in accordance to their lunch order.

There will be daily specials advertised on Compass and around the college. Combinations, discounted specials and theme days will be advertised throughout the term.

Chalkboard Catering will have a suggestion box located at the canteen and we welcome constructive feedback from the college community to ensure we are meeting the college communities' expectations.
The canteen will operate a cash and EFf POS service.

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