The Junior School



Years 7 and 8



Junior School Program


Mornington Secondary College prides itself on its innovative approaches to student learning in the Junior School. Following extensive research and a significant financial investment, a customised Learning Centre has been established for our junior school program. With a focus on developing strong interpersonal relationships and a sense of belonging, the Junior School provides a smooth and effective transition from primary school to secondary school.


Learning Centre


The Learning Centre provides flexible configuration, multi-tasking and rich ICT provision, including on-line delivery of curriculum. A critical feature of the Learning Centre is the ability to create Learning Communities. A range of inclusion and influence activities help students learn to work effectively within team environments and to develop personal resilience and self-belief.


The Junior School Program is structured in a way that encourages a successful transition between primary and secondary school. In Years 7 and 8, students engage in the four key learning areas: English; Mathematics; Science and Humanities alongside Art, Humanities, Technology and Drama. This structure allows strong relationships to develop between teachers and students and also between students and their peers.


Year 8 - At the Corner


At the Corner, is a partnership with the Mornington Peninsula Shire Youth Services Program which aims to build confidence and community awareness through involvement in a range of local community projects and activities facilitated by the college and the Shire.


Cultural Infusion Day


Year 7 students take part in a multicultural incursion as part of Humanities. They engage with presenters from a variety of cultures such as Chinese martial arts, African drumming and Indigenous culture. The purpose of this incursion is for our students to be exposed to various cultures in a meaningful and interactive setting.


Year 8 students take part in a medieval day where they have the opportunity to participate in interactive presentations that will help them to connect with their learning. Students learn about medieval warfare,
daily life and customs.

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