“It is the supreme art of the (English) teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

-Albert Einstein


The study of English is central to the way in which students understand, critique and appreciate their world. At Mornington Secondary College we encourage the development of literate students capable of critical, imaginative and creative thinking. We are committed to implementing an English curriculum which is both interesting and challenging for our students and one which will act as a pathway to their future careers.


English concentrates on extending students’ language skills through thinking, reading, writing, speaking and listening. We are passionate in our focus on print, non-print and multimodal texts so that our students move beyond interpretation to reflection and critical analysis. We have embraced ICT as a powerful motivator for learning and have adopted it as an effective, dynamic method of communication.


VCE English continues to challenge students with a wide range of expectations and aspirations. English Language explores the nature and function of how we communicate and acquire language and the dynamic and changing nature of language itself.


Special enhancement programs linked to English:

  • Debating
  • Keys
  • Competitions
  • English Masterclasses in English, English Language, and Literature
  • Literacy skills and support
  • Hamlet workshop by Bell Shakespeare Company
  • Performances – Romeo and Juliet” and “Macbeth”


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