Food Technology


Students are introduced to Food Technology in Year 8.


The learning focus at Year 8 involves students actively exploring all facets of the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. At this level they will use the design process to design food products for specific needs. They will develop valuable life skills involved in the selection, preparation and presentation of food.


In Years 9 and 10, students have the opportunity to choose from the following electives, each with a different focus point:


• Fantastic Fast Foods, focuses on healthy eating and dietary requirements.
• Marvellous Menus, focuses on different courses of a menu.
• Eating Expeditions, focuses on food from other cultures.
• Café Catering, focuses on cafe dining and modern trends in food.


In VCE, students can study Food Studies. Through this study, students develop a knowledge of the physical, chemical, sensory and functional properties of food and are able to apply this knowledge when using food in a practical situation. Students will use the design process to develop food products to suit specific situations or meet the needs of different consumers.

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