Humanities offers students choices which engage and challenge them. There is a diversity of subjects where students’ skills and knowledge are enriched and extended. Civics and citizenship activities are an integral part of all our courses. Extra curricula activities including visits to Melbourne’s law courts, Barwon Prison, Latrobe Open Cut, the Shrine, Canberra and visits from expert guest speakers, also ensure students learning is enhanced by a diverse range of educational experiences.


In Year 7 and Year 8, Humanities is integrated into Core units. The major focus in Year 7 is on Ancient civilisations, the Asia-Pacific region and weather. In Year 8, students discover the challenges of what life was like during medieval times and the legacy of the renaissance. Courses are aligned with VELS and a new component, Economics, is also being integrated to include a financial element in all topics taught.

At Year 9, students are offered subjects which build on the skills and knowledge they have learned in Year 7 and Year 8. The environmental focus for Geography is on local issues, ranging from the dredging of Port Phillip Bay to coastal degradation of our coastlines.


Australian History offers students a chance to learn about their heritage and events that have shaped Australia’s cultural, social and political landscapes. Students can also elect a semester unit which focuses on

the importance of making informed financial and legal decisions. A visit to the local Magistrates court is a highlight of this course.


Our Year 10 courses provide a firm basis for VCE course selections. Once again we offer an environmental focus for our Geography course in Year 10, but with a global perspective. Our Modern history course covers the two world wars, Vietnam War and the civil rights movement across the globe. Students can also build on their financial and economic knowledge if they choose our business course at Year 10.


At VCE, Mornington Secondary offers students an excellent range of Humanities and Business subjects which assist in preparing students for life beyond school, whether it involves study at a TAFE College, University, apprenticeship, or direct employment. Accounting, Business Management, Economics, Geography, History and Legal Studies offer students the beginnings of career paths in areas such as banking, journalism, small business ownership, accountancy and teaching, just to name a few.


‘Humanities’ has much to offer all students. Humanities staff members are passionate about their particular area of expertise and provide students with exceptional learning experiences and a solid pathway to becoming successful and responsible members of their school, local and global communities.

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