“Learning a language makes our minds stronger and more flexible. Actually using it gives us an entirely new experience of the world”

- John Cleese, Actor


Languages other than English:
Students choose either Indonesian or Japanese when enrolling at Mornington Secondary College. Highly qualified speakers of both languages, as well as language assistants work with students from Year 7 to maximise their progress in reading, writing, listening and speaking either Japanese or Indonesian.


A wide range of activities, including online resources makes language learning a challenging and enjoyable experience for students at Mornington Secondary College. Students also gain further understanding of Australian culture through the investigation of other cultures.


Increasing numbers of students are studying LOTE in Years 9 -12 at Mornington Secondary College, reflecting the success of our language program. The college has entered into a sister school relationship with Bali SMAN1 Secondary School in Denpasar, enabling us to host a number of staff into our College during the year, as well as enable MSC student to visit them in return.



Intercultural and language activities include:

  • Universitas Islam Indonesia (Yogyakarta) scholarships for students to promote intercultural, language and religious understanding at Mornington Secondary College.
  • Excursion to Melbourne Zoo’s language program, international film festivals, Indonesian and Japanese supermarkets and restaurants.
  • Enhancement of sister school relationships with Bali SMAN1, Denpasar
  • Bali study exchange and cultural program
  • The Osaka Japanese Exchange Program
  • Ongoing partnership projects with the Asia Education Foundation.


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