Mathematics involves observing, representing and investigating patterns and relationships in social and physical phenomena and between mathematical objects themselves.

The aims for students at Mornington Secondary College are to:

  • Demonstrate useful mathematical and numeracy skills for successful general employment and functioning in society.
  • Solve practical problems with mathematics, especially industry and work-based problems.
  • Develop specialist knowledge in mathematics that provides for further study in the discipline.
  • See mathematical connections and be able to apply mathematical concepts, skills and processes in posing and solving mathematical problems.
  • Be confident in one’s personal knowledge of mathematics, to feel able to apply it, and to feel able to acquire new knowledge and skills when needed.
  • Be empowered through knowledge of mathematics as a numerate citizen, able to apply this knowledge critically in societal and political contexts.
  • Develop understanding of the role of mathematics in life, society and work; the role of mathematics in history; and mathematics as a discipline – its big ideas, history, aesthetics and philosophy.


Mathematics is a career enabling subject. Many rewarding and highly paid vocations in Engineering, Applied Science, Computing, Aeronautics, Finance, Economics, Politics, and Medicine, either expressly require or would benefit from the study of Mathematical Methods or Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics to year 12 level. Paramedical careers such as Physiotherapy and Medical Imaging require detailed understanding of Physics and hence confidence and highly developed skills in mathematics.

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