The word Science comes from the Latin word ‘scientia’, which means knowledge. Science helps us to understand the substances around us, how they interact, how machines work, why it rains and why the sun rises each day. Science explains how we see, hear and smell, and why we need a skeleton.


Science is all around us and is part of our everyday lives. Whenever we turn on a light, eat food, watch television, use a mobile phone or even flush a toilet we are using the products of scientific knowledge. Science is also a method of learning about why living creatures behave in the way they do. It is a way of finding out how to swim faster through the water, whether life is possible on other planets, whether the Earth is flat or round, and what makes plants grow faster.


We are living in a period where knowledge is growing rapidly and technologies, derived from Science, are changing at an incredible rate. Learning how to learn is becoming just as important as learning itself. Studying Science will aid you in your quest for scientific knowledge and assist you in tackling the challenges of today and those that the future holds. The skills you acquire in the study of Science will assist you to continue to learn well after you have left school and enable you to utilise these skills in your everyday lives.


The importance of having a sound understanding and foundation in Science is highlighted in Science being a core unit from years 7 through to Year 9 and optional at Year 10. In years 9 and 10, we offer several optional semester-based science units including: Forensic Science and Mindworks. These units provide students with a ‘taste’ of some of the Science subjects offered within the VCE program. Science is also offered within the VET and VCAL programs. VCE Science subjects include: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and Environmental Science. VET studies include Laboratory Skills.

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