Design & Technology
Students have an opportunity to develop practical skills, solve problems and extend their knowledge of design and materials through hands-on activities, folio development and evaluation of their own progress.


In year 7 all students complete a semester study in Design and Technology focusing on fabrics and wood as their dominant medium. In year 8 they continue to extend their skills with the additional components: acrylic and electronics.


These junior years provide our students with the ability to choose from a wide range of electives that suit their skills and their passions. Presently they can choose from Multi Material Product Design, Creative Fabrics, Electronic Products, Robotics, Innovative Wood and Design and Garment Construction. At this level, the quality of production is increased and the option of individual design is well encouraged. Our school has a rich and successful history with students entering various design and fashion competitions and achieving excellent results.


All the middle school electives develop excellent skills for students to choose either VCE Systems Engineering and/or Product Design and Technology (using Wood or Fabrics) as their major medium or choose a VET subject of their choice.


Information Technology

At the middle school level students may choose to follow the IT pathway. They can choose from subjects such as Application Development, Architecture and 3D modelling or Computer Essentials which all lead to VCE subjects.

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