Visual Arts



Senior Art
At Year 11 and 12, students develop their artistic skills through hands-on experimentation and independent exploration of various materials and techniques. Technical skills and aesthetic awareness are developed through the investigation of various artists and artistic styles. In Units 1 and 2, students produce visual solutions to set tasks and study the relationship between art and the society it belongs to. Units 3 and 4 allow students to spend time on refining their personal concepts and practical skills. They gradually develop their own unique visual solutions and creative concepts. In addition, they explore artists and movements both pre and post 1970. The students learn to discuss formal and aesthetic qualities in art works, as well as use interpretative frameworks such as the formal, cultural, personal and contemporary frameworks to discuss various artworks.


Visual Communication
In the Visual Communication Design subject students will develop skills in freehand, instrumental and computer generated drawing techniques. Two and three dimensional drawing systems will further improve visual conceptualisation. Students will investigate other designers and follow a design process of their own to create a concept design for a specific purpose and particular audience. Students use observational and visualisation drawings to generate a wide range of design ideas and apply design thinking strategies to organise and evaluate their ideas.

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