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Mornington Secondary College is a 1 to 1 laptop school. This means that all students are expected to use technology as part of the learning process in most classes each day. The world outside of school is a technology rich place and as a college we strive to prepare students to work in that world, using new and emerging technologies to enhance their learning experience.


It is envisaged that a new device will meet a student’s needs for 3 years. After that time, things such as battery life and performance degrade, it is highly recommended that a replacement computer is purchased for the senior years.


To facilitate this there are a number of options available to parents.

  1. Purchase a laptop through the school preferred supplier
  2. Bring an existing device.

Which Option is Best?

The school highly recommends one of the school preferred suppliers for a number of significant reasons.

  • Warranty and Insurance: The suppliers work in the education market where 3 year warranty is generally the standard. They have specific insurance programs for student laptop programs. The companies will often attend onsite for repair work greatly simplifying the process for families.
  • Technical Assistance: With limited number of models the technical staff will be able to provide technical trouble shooting for these laptops more easily.
  • Provision on Loan Computers: MSC provides several laptops to act as loan laptops whilst repairs are being completed.


The College has been running laptops programs in various forms since 2002.  In that time we have found that around 70% of students make a least one insurance claim for their device.  It is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that any device brought to school is covered by insurance. Insurance claims excess is $0 - $100 (depending on what cover is selected) which is a 3-year term.


Students are required to take care of their device, including using a designated carry case when moving around the College.  If the device is purchased through the preferred supplier, and is damaged it should be taken to the Technicians Office at school for assessment and repair.  A loan computer will be issued.  If a “bring an existing device” is damaged, parents will need to have it repaired themselves and students can acquire a loan laptop with proof of repair (Receipt/Quote). Where a device is damaged by another student, the College will contact parents of the students involved but will NOT be responsible for overseeing any financial agreement between the parties.


Computers like any electronic device can develop faults even though they are being used with care.  It is essential, where practical, that devices are covered by manufacturer’s warranty.


A condition of connecting a device to the College network is that software management and antivirus tools are installed.

Please Note: - MSC does provide the Microsoft Office Suite for all students. There is no need for a subscription.



Option 1: Preferred Suppliers


Learning With Technologies



Access code: MSC2021



JB Education

Access code: MorningtonSC2021




Option 2: Bring an Existing Laptop


If you choose to bring an existing laptop the IT Department can fix software related issues (viruses, problematic software) with these devices.  The IT Department cannot fix any hardware related issues (This includes insurance and warranty claims), they need to be logged with the manufacturer or place of purchase.


If you choose to bring an existing laptop it must meet the following minimum specifications

  • Laptop with currently supported operating system (Windows 10; Mac High Sierra OS)
  • 128 GB or Larger Solid-State Hard Disk (SSD)
  • 4GB Ram (Minimum required to run office 365)
  • Wireless (Connect to the network)
  • Carry Bag


Further Information

If you require further information, please email:





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