Course Selection

The following page contains all the essential information you will need to participate in the course selection process for 2021. Please take the time to watch each of the videos (working down the page) and downloading relevant documents.  
A Message From Our College Principal: Linda Stanton  
The following video will outline the entire process`for selecting your course for 2021    
Course Selection Process: Head of Curriculum Jackie Lewis    
Year 9 Year 10,11 and 12  


The course handbook has detailed information regarding each subject available for students as well as the rules for subject selection at each year level.

Course Handbook    
Year 9 Years 10, 11 and 12  

 Subject Selection System Accelerated VCE study guide (application form)

Year 9 into 10 2021 Course Selection


Expression of interest for year 11

  Expression of interest for year 12
The pathways team has a very informative website for students to expolre career options. Students selecting courses should consider carefully how their chosen course forms a pathway to their future studies and work.  
Pathways Page    

How to Select a Course: Timetabler Amanda Keen


These videos explain how to use the online system to enter your childs course. Please select the appropriate video for your childs year level. 



Year 8 into 9 Year 9 into 10
Year 10 into  11 VCAL Year 10 into  11 VCE
Year 11 into 12 VCAL Year 11 into 12 VCE





Advanced English and Maths: Matt Mackinlay Laptops for Year 10 Students: Michael Parker




These videos give you a breif overview of the subjects available in each of the key learning areas. They give you a picture of how the subjects flow from year 7 through to year 12 and outline some of the options students have as they move up the school.

The Arts: Lea Gilbert

English: Chris Ardi


Foods: Kellie Nottle Health and Physical Education: Ben Shorthouse
Humanities: Morgan Maloney Languages other Than English: Ayako Masuda
 Maths: Paul Deacon Science: Brittany Kearney
Technology: Caroline Simpson VCAL: Nikki Sheers
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